Christmas in August?

There seems to be an excitement in the air around the Atlanta Braves family. The feeling I can relate to the excitement is Christmas morning when we were children. The hope, expectations, and the dreams of what could be in those beautifully wrapped presents under the tree.

Admittedly there have not be many exciting things with the Braves this 2016 season. Sure we have had our moments but it seems the bad has outweighed the good memories. Being at the very bottom of the NL East at the All-Star break didn’t offer many hopes other than just wait until next year attitude.

We have a very good if not great pitching rotation but the offense has come in spurts. Freddie Freeman has been a consistent presence in our line up but he can not do things alone. Nick Markakis, Jeff Francour, and AJ Perzinski have had their moments but it is rare when all 4 of the above mentioned players have been hot at the same time.

Then this past Friday evening we got a shot in the arm! A good shot if you will, not like going to the doctor’s office. That shot came in the form of a ball player named Matt Kemp. I had to do a double take when I first read the breaking news. Matt Kemp from the San Diego Padres? A power bat that we have been lacking in our line up for quite sometime? That Matt Kemp? I didn’t know that he was even a rumor, much less aa player coming to Atlanta. 

Plus we got rid of a black eye, excuse the description, from the clubhouse Hector Olivera. We  can talk about his whole departure another time. 

Back to our Christmas present in waiting, Matt Kemp. A solid clean up hitter the Braves have been waiting for. A big bat that other teams can try to pitch around but good luck. You will either have to pitch to either Freddie Freeman or Matt  Kemp. Nick Markakis is waiting in the #5 spot or possibly you can try and pitch to a red hot Jeff Francour at #6. 

That would be a best case scenario of course but at least the idea is very possible. It would be wonderful if Matt Kemp has a big night in his home debut for the Braves. But I have a feeling this might be the present the Atlanta Braves have been waiting and hoping for. This could be our Red Ryder BB gun we asked Santa, our GM, for months ago! 


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