Folty, it’s not your fault.

It is not your fault Mike Foltynewicz. You pitched a great game last night. The Braves did not end up winning the game, but Folty it’s not your fault.

You pitch with a lot of emotion. That is a great thing. I enjoy you pumping your fists between pitches and the stomping around like you  do after every batter you face. It is not a temper tantrum you are throwing, but I believe you are either psyching yourself up, or you let your emotions get the better of you. But last night’s game was very emotional for the Braves organization. A lot of pressure and expectations were laid on you shoulders. Not only your shoulders but also on Matt Kemp’s , Freddie Freeman’s, and Jeff Francour’s shoulder late in the game. The Braves couldn’t pull this victory off so Folty, it’s not your fault.

What I did see out of you was a another fantastic pitching performance. Sure, you didn’t get every strike call your way,but that is baseball. If it was a perfect world, then baseball would lose some of it’s magic and appeal. I am sure if you ask Greg Maddux, John Smoltz, or Tom Glavine they had some borderline pitches that should of gone the other way but they overcame those adversities and Mike so will you. Folty, it’s not your fault. 

Your new scheduled start will allow you enough time to rest and re-group. Julio Teheran is on the Disabled List, but let the managers and the pitching staff deal with who might need to fill in as Julio gets his rest. If it feels like even more pressure is on you, then that’s all on you and in your head. You are a fantastic pitcher and ANY team in MLB would love to have you as their #1 or #2 man in their pitching rotation. Folty, it’s not your fault.

We are all very excited in our Braves Universe and our expectations are high. The organization will have great success and we as Braves fans need to be patient and hope for the best. So in final Mike Foltynewicz, it’s not your fault.


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