How do you spell relief? B-R-A-V-E-S

In the last week I have been primarily focused on the new offense the Braves now have. I have been praising Matt Kemp, Freddie Freeman, Nick Markakis, Jeff Francour, and so on…….

Tonight’s victory over the Milwaukee Brewers really shined on an area I haven’t been talking much about. However these men in the Braves bull pen deserved just as  much credit, if not more so.  They only come on for an inning or two most nights. But their names rarely stay with some fans unless they save a big game, or pitch a crucial out. 

Our bullpen in Atlanta is simply outstanding. Although it may go over looked and a lot of baseball fans are only interested in numbers, it is these men who can set up a game and break it down with very little publicity. They are the men behind the scenes whose magic is very unique and they are there for the team. They can face only one batter or half a dozen, doesn’t matter. They are there for the team when the team so desperately needs them.

I can name every single reliever we have in our bullpen and shine the light on each of their names but I won’t. I know who they are, I’m the nerdy guy who reads the entire box scores after every single game. That’s my job! I am one of the kings of stats and wants to know how many batters each pitcher faced and how many strikes did they throw to the batters. Also to compare the strikes and balls ratio and where they can improve the pitch count. Yeah, I’m that guy.

So Braves fans, I challenge each and every one of you to appreciate and learn more about the players behind the curtains, if you will. They each have fascinating stories and backgrounds. So how do you spell relief? You can start by picking up the call to the bullpen.


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