Ouch! That hurt, kinda.

Well the Braves just lost a game to the Brewers 11-3 in Milwaukee. The Braves offense was not clicking today as we as fans had grown accustomed to. We have experienced an offensive explosion as of late, but not everyday can be a an offensive juggernaut.

Before the Atlanta Braves fans start getting worried, DON’T. This game was not a play off game and the Braves won the first 2 games of the series. The best the Brewers could hope for was a series split with the Braves and they played as if their season was on the line. The Braves players did play hard but the Brewers wanted and needed this game. The pitchers were even throwing at other batters possibly out of frustration. And since I live in the South, we know what 90 degree weather feels like. The Milwaukee fans do not, possibly their players too.

Also the Braves line up was not their usual line up for the last 9 games. Matt Kemp wasn’t even playing and he was given a day off. Freddie Freeman didn’t have many balls to hit as he was walked and Jeff Francour was batting in the 5th spot. He may have been pressing too much at the plate trying to knock every pitch over the center field wall. The offense was not there but even after you consider that, keep in mind this was almost a do and die game for the Brewers. Not our Atlanta Braves. Now it’s off to Washington D.C. and our new rivals, the Nationals. This will be a good test for the Braves new line up and pitching staff!


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