The Braves lose a heartbreaker in Milwaukee. 

Last night’s game between our Braves and the Milwaukee Brewers was a fun game to watch. Fun as in this is the way baseball games should be played. With neither team refusing to lose. 

The Braves were on the short end of the stick this time, but the good news is at the very least the Braves will either split the series, or with a win this afternoon can win the series outright. It was fun seeing my favorite Braves player, Freddie Freeman, go deep last night. 

Our team definitely has been playing with a different confidence since the All-Star break. The Braves as a team own the 2nd highest batting average in baseball, not just in the NL. Our old nemesis the L.A. Dodgers currently have the highest average but only by 2 percentage points. 

In this afternnon’s game, the Braves will then travel to Washington to face the division leader, the Nationals. The Braves have always played the Nationals well, so it will be a fun series to watch this weekend. This is the time in the Braves organization that is exciting. It is virtually impossible to win every single game every day. Buckle up Braves fans our elevator is continuing to rise up! This is why I love this game. Things are never over until the final out of the last game!


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