Bring on the Nats!

It’s Friday afternoon and I am having another exciting night planned. I’m staying in, texting my girlfriend in Texas, and watching the Braves vs. Nationals game. Maybe this seems boring to the majority of people but trust me, it is less than 2 hours to game time. I will have an early supper and have my Sweet Tea ready to drink, a lot. I want the Nationals tonight in their house, to have their first look at the new line up of the Atlanta Braves.

It has been well documented that the Braves have not had much if any luck against the Washington Nationals this 2016 season. The Braves are 0-13 so far against the Nationals and are 25 games back in the NL East which the Nationals have had a firm 1st place grasp on. They have a certain arrogance and cockiness I am looking forward to the Braves shoving down their throats. Sure it’s only a game, but for some it is more than a game. I like seeing my favorite team win. Get ready Nationals.

The Braves new line up includes Matt Kemp as the cleaning up batter following a red hot Freddie Freeman hitting right before him. Our top 2 lead off hitters are hitting the ball very well, plus they are fast. A routine single can easily turn into a runner in scoring position with a swipe of a base. So Washington Nationals go ahead and write off the Atlanta Braves. The L.A. Dodgers wrote them off in 1991 and look what happened. 


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