The Braves are back, and they are coming for you Nationals!

bLast night’s game was a pleasure to watch and several times I caught myself pumping my fist. Not pumping my fist like Jersey Shore guys but having a private celebration alone in my room. This is the Atlanta Braves team I have been waiting for in 2016!

The camera was able to capture both of the managers in last night’s game. Brian Snitcker of the Braves looked calm and cool with a slight grin on his face. Dusty Bakers of the Nationals looked very uncomfortable and annoyed with this game. Maybe it was the heat getting to Dusty Baker’s team. Maybe Stephen Strasburg’s face was as red as his ball cap because he doesn’t like pitching in over 75 degree weather. Maybe Freddie Freeman wanted to show why he is the leader and the face of the Atlanta Braves. But maybe, this was the entire Braves organization reassuring their fans that we aren’t just sitting back and waiting for our new stadium in Cobb County in2017.

It would be very easy to just focus on Freddie Freeman’s performance last night. Late in the game, FF was hit by a pitch but he didn’t over react and charge the mound, he calmly jogged to first base. He was showing the Nationals they he is a confident man and if they are going to throw at him, don’t worry the Braves pitching staff has very good memories. This was the first game of a 3 game series in Washington D.C. The Braves took control of game 1 under the dominance of Freddie Freeman, Jace Peterson, Anthony Recker, and of course our pitching ace Mike Foltynewicz.

Sure the Braves are 24 games behind the Nationals in the NL East and their team was without their star player Bryce Harper last night, but I could see the fear in the eyes of Dusty Baker last night as he rubbed his head late in the game. Maybe the Nationals have a team in the NL East they should be worried about. Yeah, they play in Atlanta!


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