It was almost a fantastic comeback!

I will not mislead you. I was very arrogant and cocky last night in the 1st inning when Freddie Freeman  hit a solo home run off another National’s pitcher. I was almost saying to myself, easy street. The Braves already have this game well under control. I can now watch the Dallas Cowboys game like I promised my girlfriend I would do. 

Wait! Not so fast Matt. Sure the Braves played fairly well early on in the game but it turns out that early Freddie Freeman home run would be the only run they would score in the first few innings. Relax again I told myself, Rob Whalen is on the mound and he may give up a couple of runs early, but I’ve seen this before with Rob. He will find his groove and everything will be just fine. After the Nationals scored 5 run off of Whalen and the Braves only score was Freeman’s home run, I felt a tad nervous. 

Never before I had I wanted a picture in picture option to watch 2 shows at the same time as much as last night. My thumb is still a bit sore this morning from the number of times I hit the previous channel button on my remote. The Braves always have priority but at the same time I didn’t want to miss an exciting football play my girlfriend would sure quiz me on the next day. I never lost faith in the Braves though. I figured if they could just chop away at the deficit of the score. We have offense now. Maybe their pitcher had figured our line up out but all it takes is one slight mistake and the Braves are right back in this game. The Nationals starting pitcher, Reynaldo Lopez, left the game in the 7th inning with a 7-1 lead. I’m sure he thought, I have this game won already. Let my bullpen take control now. Well he was correct, sort of.

Lopez did end up with the win last night, but it wasn’t as easy as it may seem. The Braves bats seem to love the Nationals bullpen with their live fast balls and their predictable off speed pitches. Baseball players love to hit under those circumstances! They know what’s coming and it’s time for a hit parade! The Braves rallied back. Adonis Garcia tried to turn a for sure double into a triple in the top of the 9th inning after bring in 2 RBIs making it a 6-7 game. However I thought he was safe on the tag and I was not alone in my thinking. Regardless, never be the first or last out in the 9th inning of a ball game. I won’t lecture Garcia. That’s not my job. I am a fan, not a manager. That would be as close as the Braves got to the win last night. Coming up a run short of tying the game. But today’s afternoon game should be an instant classic as well. Let’s all hope the Braves can return home to Atlanta with a series victory over the Nationals! Play smart guys!


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