Braves finish off a long road trip 5-5.

Today’s game didn’t go as I wished it would. I was hoping the Braves would take their first series win over the Nationals in Washington D.C. I wasn’t expecting to see Bryce Harper in the line up for the Nationals but there he was. He played well for his team and you could tell he was happy to be playing ball again after missing the last 5 games.

Although this road trip didn’t have a winning record, I saw an Atlanta Braves team that I can get very excited about. The Braves have a well deserved day off tomorrow before playing the Minnesota Twins on Tuesday and Wednesday. After that short series the Nationals will be playing in Atlanta on Thursday. If all goes as planned Julio Tehran will pitch in Friday night’s game. They have an event for every home game at Turner Field on Friday night. They call it Friday Night Fireworks! I think when you take in account that Julio will be back in the line up and we face our division rivals, it should be an exciting Friday night in Atlanta. We had a big party this past Friday night in Washington D.C. Now the Nationals will be able to see how we do fireworks in Atlanta. We like to have big parties in Atlanta, and the Nationals will be the first ones to receive an invite to our party.


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