Maybe the Braves losing 10-3 is not as bad as it sounds, maybe?

When you look at the final score of the Braves game tonight, you just may shake your head. How can the Atlanta Braves lose 2 games in a row to the Minnesota Twins at home? Are the Braves really that bad? Are the Twins that good? Turns out looking to the answers is not just a yes or no.

Sure, I was looking forward to watching the Braves come out swinging against the Twins. For the first few innings, I was not disappointed. Actually despite the Braves only scoring 3 total runs, I was impressed with the way the offense performed. Freddie Freeman hit yet another home run tonight and Nick Markakis also went deep late in the game. The spotlight was on Dansby Swanson tonight in his first game as an Atlanta Braves player. He didn’t disappoint either. In his major league debut, Swanson went 2 for 4. For having that much pressure and expectations on his back, Dansby did not disappoint. 

The Braves pitching was to blame for tonight’s collapse. Maybe collapse is too strong of a word but when the worst team record wise in the American League, the Twins, score that many runs off your team it seems appropriate. The Twins came to Atlanta winning 2 games in a row and I was a bit disappointed the Braves did not put up more of a fight. Sure the Braves can’t win every single game, but sometimes we as Braves fans deserve better. Tonight the Nationals are in town for a 4 game set. Maybe the Braves were overlooking the Twins and were really looking forward to playing the Nationals with our new line up and players in Atlanta. Whatever the reasons, the series with the Nationals will tell a lot about the Braves. I am hoping for a series sweep or even a series win, but I don’t always get what I wish for. But I have a lot of faith in our Braves and I’ll be on the edge of my seat for each game in the Nationals’ series. GO BRAVES!!!


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