Don’t feel bad Braves fan, I bought in also. 

This article is not going to be life changing or anything. Last night as I watched the Braves game, I was disgusted that a big league manager can allow a pitcher, Tyller Jenkins, to stay in a game after allowing 9 earned runs in one inning. Sure only 8 runs had physically scored but the man on first base was still Jenkins responsibility. Later on when that runner at first also scored, I did something I thought as a Braves fan I would never do, I watched a movie instead of a Saturday night baseball game in Atlanta. 

I decided to go with one of my favorite movies, 300, instead of Braveheart. 300 isn’t as long but when I was watching the game last night, I wanted to scream at someone in the Braves’ clubhouse THIS IS SPARTA!! But it would have made a lot of more sense to yell THIS IS ATLANTA, but that is not what the line says in the movie. We as Braves fans are kind of used to disappointment this year. It is almost like we have accepted the concept of, “just wait until next year.” Unfortunately it must be very hard for many players for the Braves to go gently into the good  night. Freddie Freeman immediately comes to mind. He is a class act and I have written other articles praising Freeman as the new face of the Braves. This can not be easy on him or other big league baseball players. 

When you look for 1 person to blame for the lackluster team attitude I thought  it would be easy to blame the manager Brian Snitcker. But the blame does NOT totally rest on his shoulder as I have suggested before. When the camera zoomed in on him after Jenkins surrendered 8 runs, he looked upset. Upset because he could of taken Jenkins out earlier in the inning but he didn’t. Snitcker is a player’s manager and he has earned the respect of a lot of his Braves players. He stuck with Jenkins for the 2nd time in less than a week when he should of taken him out of the game. We could look at the Braves General Manager,  John Coppolella, but blaming him would not do much good. He is a GM, not a baseball manager. Maybe we can blame the owner. It used to be Ted Turner, but he doesn’t own a majority of the Braves anymore. Sure he still owns a small part of the Braves, but the new owner of the Braves is a company, not a person. Liberty Mutual owns the Braves, research it. I did.

Keep this in mind, I have worked for companies since I got my first job at 16 at Skaggs Alpha Beta. I was a bag boy in Austin, TX during the Summer. I had to wear a long sleeve button up shirt with a tie. Coming in from 109 degree temperatures to the 74 degree cool store gave me one of the worst Summer colds I have ever known. I had mangers of course, some more polite than others,  but there was no one I could talk to about how miserable I was. There was no big boss I could talk to. Plus I was a 16 year old kid, easily replaceable. It is a lot harder to find 1 person to blame when you work for a company. So Braves fans, if we can just endure this 2016 Summer cold, better days are coming in 2017! 


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