Dusty Baker, you are NOT a good manager.

It is Sunday afternoon. It has been a very relaxing day for me. I slept in late, been reading, and enjoying the silence only a Sunday can bring. No one is awake in the house, and all I can hear is the AC vents blowing cold air.  I haven’t enjoyed the Braves game this Sunday like I usually do but they are my favorite team in the world so I turned the game on. As I turned to the game, I saw Dusty Baker being Dusty Baker.

I saw Bryce Harper at bat in the 7th inning. He is one of the best players in baseball right now in my opinion. I may think he is a bit arrogant but I have put up with arrogant players before, even on the Braves!  Bryce Harper was very uncomfortable at the plate. You could tell something wasn’t right with him. After he had a pop up out, he walked back to the dugout pulling on the area between his neck and shoulder. He is not healthy right now. He has been dealing with a neck injury since the All-Star Break. I saw that Dusty Baker activated Harper back into the line up instead of placing him on the Disabled List (DL.) I thought maybe Bryce Harper’s injury wasn’t as severe as I thought it was. Dusty Baker sees him daily, not me. I don’t follow the Nationals like I follow the Braves. 

But Dusty Baker activated Harper after he missed 5 games because if he missed 6 games, by MLB rules he would have to go on the DL. He has had a very good series against the Braves, he usually does. He helped the Nationals win this series against the Braves regardless of who wins the game today. The Nationals are up 3-4 in the series. Winning is important in baseball, but at what expense? The health of one of the most talented players in baseball? You would be willing to risk the health of Bryce Harper just so you can show everyone how great of a manger you are? Shame on you Dusty Baker.

When the Nationals announced that Dusty Baker would be their new manager, I was excited. I knew Dusty Baker runs his players through the mill. He keeps his starting pitchers on the mound for far too long. I do not understand why MLB teams want to give Dusty Baker more chances as a manager. Dusty Baker has never won the World Series as a manager, and the 2002 postseason was the only time in his managerial career with the Giants he won a postseason series. 

Back off Dusty Baker, you have to understand that players are people. People have their limits. I have Multiple Sclerosis and I know my limits. It’s a shame that a MLB manager does not worry about the limits of his players. Winning seems to be the one element he cares about, that is a tragedy for himself and baseball. You are not only not a good manager, it can be argued you are not a good person either. 


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