All things come to and end. Good or bad.

Yes, that saying is very true. All things will eventually come to an end. Some are good, some bad. It depends on the way you look at the issue. The Braves 6 game losing streak came to an end yesterday. That is a good thing, in my humble opinion.

The Braves long losing streak that started at home in Atlanta against the Minnesota Twins and continued with the Washington Nationals . Finally the fans of the Atlanta Braves had a reason to celebrate yesterday evening. Jace Peterson had a game winning home run in the bottom of the 10th inning to give the Braves their first and only victory of this long home stance. A win is a win, even if it is only 1 win in a 7 game home streak in Atlanta. 

This morning the Braves record is 45-79. There are 162 games in a baseball regular season. Just using my very basic math skills, and a calculator, the Braves can only lose 2 more games for the rest of the season to play .500 ball. Is that possible? Absolutely. Probable? Eh, let’s have faith. This has been an exciting season no matter what the Braves record is at the end of the 2016 season. We have had some nice additions to the line up, rookies who performed wonderful at times, and we have departed with players and coaches who didn’t quite fit into the Braves picture going forward to Cobb County in the upcoming 2017 season. 

The Braves will rise to the top of the National League East division again. I was hoping for 2016 but that is almost a mathematical impossibility. We as Braves fans should not hang our heads in shame or look for another team to be our “new favorite team.” The Atlanta Braves will be victorious once again and a new stadium is waiting in Cobb County, Georgia. So during the very long off season after the Braves season is over, watch the MLB play offs. Fall in love with baseball, just because the Braves probably will not make the post season, and enjoy the game! In the end baseball is a lot of fun, but it’s only grown men playing a ball game. 


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