This may come as a shock to many, but Jace Peterson is my 2nd favorite Braves position player. Freddie Freeman is my #1 as everyone who has ever read my articles before knows, but Jace Peterson is my #2! 

The thing I can appreciate about Jace is he can play almost any position on the field. He can not only play the positions but he plays them well. I like when he plays at 2nd base for a couple of reasons. First, it give Gordon Beckham the night off. Secondly, he hustles. It is nice to see speed at any position but when he is at 2nd base, he can close open lanes in the infield very fast. He had been playing Center Field for Sunday’s game however he can switch over to the 2nd base roll whenever Brian Snitker wants him there.

To be honest, I never really played close attention to Jace. I have a very good friend who lives in California and she is my Braves buddy. Laura and I have had some good laughs and she knows baseball. I asked her last season who her favorite Braves player was. Without hesitation she said JACE PETERSON! I have never actually spoken with Laura but she is his #1 fan. If you haven’t already Laura, start his fan club. She likes him almost as much as I like Freeman, almost. Asking Braves fans who their favorite player is a hobby of mine. 

This is not the first game when Jace has won the game for the Braves with his bat. I can recall at least 2 other times this season when he either got a key hit, or smashed the ball out of the park. Tonight’s extra inning game came down to 10 innings. In the bottom of the 10th, Jace Peterson reminded me of why he is my 2nd favorite position player on the Braves!. As an adding bonus I have never written 3 articles on the Braves in 1 day, today was the day because of Jace Peterson!


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