Braves win, but this time it was a pitching duel that decided the outcome.

It was an exciting game last night in Phoenix. However, it was not an offensive explosion that would decide the outcome. There were some big hits last night for the Atlanta Braves, but this game was a classic pitching match up. Matt Wisler of the Braves against Robbie Ray of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Last night Wisler had the upper hand.

It was a very scary moment in the 2nd inning. First baseman Freddie Freeman was attempting to catch a foul ball over a rallying near the Braves dugout. Freeman was unable to make the catch, and he flipped over the pole, and he landed on a row of empty seats. It looked very painful, and I am sure it was. Rather than coming out of the game Freeman did what leaders do, he wanted to continue to play. This is what true courage and devotion looks like. He was rewarded in the top of the next inning. Ender Inciatre got the first hit with

a solid hit.  Adonis Garcia followed with a hit moving Inciatre over to third base. Then Freeman came to the plate and got a key hit, scoring Inciatre. Freeman later came around and scored a run after another hit by Nick Markakis. The final RBI of the game came off the bat of Gordon Beckman.

Maybe this game was not the offensive game the previous 3 games were in the desert, but it had plenty of fireworks. They just all took place in the 3rd inning for the Braves. Freeman got the first RBI and later when he came around and scored the 2nd run of the game for the Braves, he was an example of why this is his team. After going through his painful attempt to catch a foul ball, the easy thing would of been to take the rest of the night off. He could of rested his back and arms, which I am sure are sore this morning. But he did what all great leaders do and continued playing, winning the game for his team with his bat and base running. Thank you Freddie Freeman, this is your team!


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