Colin Kaepernick. A rebel with a cause.

On Saturday night’s pre-season game between between the SanFrancisco 49ers and the Green Bay Packer, during that National Anthemn before kick off, it was not what Colin Karepernick said or did that caused an outrage, it was what he did not do. Kaepernick refused to stand or acknowledge the USA National Anthem. I can not go into what may or may not have been going through Kaepernick’s mind at this time. I am not Colin Kaepernick and no matter what research I do or how many articles I read, his attitude that night was all on him. 

Of course there was going to be an outrage. Colin Kaepernick is the probable opening  day QuarterBack for the San Fransico 49ers. This was the big NFL pre-season game of the evening. It was going to be huge for not only the 49ers, but for Kaepernick as well. This was going to be the first game he would play in after missing the previous pre-season games. In the off-season Kaepernick demanded a trade from the 49ers. The big offer on the table and played out in the media was from the Denver Broncos. They offered a 6th round draft pick fro Kaepernick. That was slightly insulting to me as a 49ers fan. I understand about shopping for bargains. I love Black Friday deals on the day after Thanksgiving. Or Cyber Monday’s for those of us who shop on line. But a 6th round pick for a QB who had taken the 49ers to the SuperBowl only 3 seasons ago? Come on John Elway. Even you had to know that deal would never go through. I guess you are believing your own press about what a wonderful football front office man you are. Yes the Broncos were SuperBowl champions in 2015. That is commendable, but it was a mixture of an outstanding defense and one final season for a great QB, Peyton Manning, that brought the trophy back to Denver. Yes, you had won the trophy twice as a player and once as the man in charge of football decisions, but you are not going to get something for nothing just because you are John Elway.

When the 49ers let their then head coach Jim Harbaugh go the following season after taking his team to the SuperBowl, it was clear Jim Harbaugh was not the coach they wanted in San Franscico. Harbaugh wanted too much control perhaps or Jim York wanted more of a say about how plays for the 49ers and who sits. Either way, Harbaugh agreed to be let go and went on to the Michigan Wolverines, his Alma Matter. Harbaugh has done a wonderful job in Michigan with his Wolverines ranked in the top 10 of the pre-season AP College Football rankings. Harbaugh is a winner where he coaches. Is it possible that Colin Kaepernick liked playing for Harbaugh and once the 49ers parted ways with him,  he did not enjoy playing for a new head coach and learning a new offense? Could that be why Kaepernick demanded a trade?  Did Colin Kapernick refuse John Elway’s trade because it was too much of a bargain? Did Kaepernick want all eyes on him in San Franscico again? Was Kaepernick making a point that racial tensions in this country were at an all time high and the issue of racism needed to be addressed? Is ColinKaepernick different from all other sports players around the world making political statements with his celebrity and sports status? 

It would be easy to answers all the above questions, but this is not an opinion article. I am merely stating things about Colin Kaepernick, the 49ers, and commenting on the state of racial tensions in this great country of ours. Not only our country,  but what a wonderful world we can all live in if we all showed respect for one another and never tried to get cheap deals that would only benefit our needs. 


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