Matt Kemp and Mike Foltynewicz have huge nights in San Fransisco to help the Braves win. 

Saturday nights are usually a very fun night for myself, and most people I know. If there was a party last night, the first invitations would go out to Matt Kemp, Freddie Freeman, and Mike Foltynewicz. All the players from last night’s game would be welcomed  but the 3 above mentioned players for the Atlanta Braves would have reserved seating. And just to prove I am not a “homer” who only cheers for the Braves,  Brandon Crawford from the San Fransico Giants would have a seat in the reserved seating area also. 

Mike Foltynewicz stepped up huge last night for the Braves. He pitched 7 and 2/3 innings for the Braves, only allowing a home run to Crawford in the top of the 2nd inning. Rather than getting upset and having doubts about his ability to perform in big games, Foltynewicz took a page from the previous Braves’ starter (Tom Glavine)  handbook that allowing 1 or possibly 2 runs is not the end of the night. Let the offense do their jobs and score runs. This is a  team sport, no one player is above the team. You can almost hear the Braves line up listening, ” don’t worry Folty, we got this one tonight.” After being shut out the night before, the Braves bats and hitters would not be denied runs that the San Fransico Giants pitching rotation was not allowing. 

In the 4th inning, Adonis Garica started the inning getting on 1st base, the Freddie Freeman came to the plate. He had a solid hit moving Garcia over to 3rd base. Then the Braves clean up hitter, Matt Kemp stepped into the batter’s box. Kemp, took a few warm up swings, to stretch his arms and at the very least hit a fly ball so that Garcia could easily score, tying the game. Kemp swung the bats and he hit a huge pop up to what I thought was deep center field. He did just that, but the ball kept going higher and deeper into the night. Kemp had blasted the ball right out of the ballpark with a 3 run home run! That would be all the offense the Braves would need last night. Thank you Matt Kemp for showing the baseball world that the Giants pitching staff did allow runs in San Fransisco. 

This was such a big night for not only the Braves, but for baseball. Exciting games is what the fans want. There were other sporting events last night, like pre-season NFL games, but those are only exciting for a half for me. Only when the first string starters can show their stuff. Baseball is much better with the first string players playing the whole night, not just when the camera are rolling. That’s why I like football but love baseball. Go Braves! 


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