It took 13 innings, but the Cubs showed MLB why they have the best record in baseball right now. 

If you believe in curses, good luck with that. There was no curse of the Bambino, the Red Soxs proved that. There was no curse on the Braves after they won all those Division titles in the 1990s but couldn’t win the World Series. Ask David Justice and Tom Glavine who won the crucial game 6 of the World Series in 1995 in Atlanta. That leads up to the curse of the  billy goat in Chicago. The Cubs have not enjoyed a World Series title in over 100 years. Rather than blame certain players not fielding the ball properly, managers not making wise decisions, or fans trying to catch a foul ball it is easier to blame a billy goat curse. Seriously? Cubs fan come on, you are better than that.

Steve Bartman had NOTHING to do with the latest catastrophe for the Cubs in Chicago a few seasons ago. If you have never watched the outstanding documentary Catching Hell about the whole Bartman thing, you really should. I’m a baseball fan first and a Braves fan second. I had admired the Cubs until I saw Catching Hell. Then all my admiration and longing for a Cubs World Series win went right out the window. I never even want to go to Wrigley field now. It had been my bucket list item to visit every single MLB ball park, but I will skip Wrigley for childish reasons. That city annoys me. I’ll go and see the White Soxs play but Wrlgley will only be seen from the street for me. I would hate for a random Cubs player to hit a foul ball. I might as a fan want to catch it. I had better make sure Moises Alou isn’t leaping into the stands and trying to make a circus catch. I might receive death threats. Smh

Alex Gonzales made an error in that inning costing his team a possible double play. Dusty Baker being Dusty, kept his starting pitcher in for longer than needed. I know, let’s blame Bartman for all the Cubs troubles. Heaven forbid we blame Gonzales or Dusty Baker. Fans can’t throw beer, pizza slices, or hot dogs at them. That would be an outrage right? City of Chicago I saw your city at it’s lowest. Maybe I can forgive Cubs fans whenever in their arrogance, the forgive Bartman. Baker was not going to take the Cubs to the World Series. Exit Baker, enter Theo Epstein,  the former General Manager of the Boston Red Soxs. Epstein can build a team in Chicago like he had in Boston. He needs a leader to manager his new team. Say hello to Joe Maddon. Yes the same Maddon who managed the Rays down in Tampa Bay. Sure he was under contract but rules were made to be broken, right? 

What has happened in the Cubs organization or the city of Chicago has very little to do with this 2016 line up. They are solid from top to bottom. Their pitching rotation is stacked full of quality arms like Kyle Hendricks, Mike Montgomery, and Jason Hammel. The line up has a lot of talent as well. Dexter Fowler, Ben Zolorist, and Jason Heyward. The one autograph I have is a Jason Heyward autographed baseball when he was a rookie with the Atlanta Braves. If the Cubs get to the World Series and possibly win it, I think the city of Chicago will forgive Steve Bartman. If the Chicago Cubs can represent National League this year, I can also forgive the Cubs fans. Although I know, none of them care about my opinion.


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