Question for all MLB pitchers. Why do you pitch to Carlos Beltran in Arlington?

This is a rethorical question of course. But after watching Beltran’s hitting show last night, it does beg to ask the above question. Sure Beltran was coming off an 0 for 30 hitting slide on the road. It’s very possible that pitchers have found something about Beltran on the road when he is not playing in Arlington. That might be an interesting article one day, but that will require a lot of research that I will happily do, but not this morning. 

While watching the  Seattle Mariners and the Texas Rangers, I was hoping for a good game. It was a great game if you are a Rangers fan. I do like their team however they are not the team I follow closely in the AL. A certain team in Boston wearing Redsoxs have that honor, if you can call it that. Beltran went deep in the first inning. He absolutely crush the ball. It wasn’t a matter of if when he made contact, it was a matter of where it could land. The answer was the Upper Deck in the Right Field stands. When I saw the replay of the hit, I could have sworn that there was dust or something coming off the bat. In actuality it was probably tree pollen, I used  to live in Texas. That stuff is everywhere. But after watching Beltran making contact, maybe it was saw dust coming off his wooden bat. Hey, it could happen.

There were other Rangers who played very well also. It was not just Beltran. Nomar Mazara who lead off the game, was  1 for 4 with an RBI. Ian Desmond who batted 2nd also contributed with a RBI. Rougned Odor was 0 for 3 but he did pick up an RBI with a walk. Finally Jonathan Lucroy was 1 for 2 with the final RBI. It was as close to a route as a 6-3 score can be. Sure the Mariners could have mounted a huge come from behind win, but then again it was a 5-1 game after the first inning.

So that leads to question, will pitchers actually pitch to Beltran in Arlington? Of course they will. Major League pitchers love a challange. The odds are not stacked in Beltron’s favor. This is not Las Vegas, the odds are not designed so the house always wins. But keep in mind, doubling down on Beltran might be a wise bet in September and October. 


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