Have the Braves found their 3 starting pitchers?

I know it might be too early to start talking about the 2017 season for the Atlanta Braves. It probably is, maybe. Keep in mind there is still a lot of baseball to be played. The Braves enjoyed their 2nd win in a row in Atlanta last night behind the throwing arm of Matt Wisler. Which leads to the above question, is Wisler that number 2 or 3 pitcher the Braves  have been searching for?

Julio Teheran is going to be the ace of the Braves rotation. Unless there is an injury or other possible forces, Julio Therean will be the opening day starter for the Atlanta Braves. Mike Foltynewicz looks like a solid number 2 pitcher and Matt Wisler looks to lockup the number 3 spot in that rotation. The Braves farm system normally carries a lot of solid pitching arms waiting for their phones to ring  with the great news from the coaches, “pack your bags son, the Braves have are waiting for you in Atlanta.” Dansby Swanson the shortstop for the Braves described how that phone call went for him in a sportscast video. Dansby is a young, strong player for the Braves. He doesn’t look like he can’t fight, but when he described the pure joy of being called to the majors,nhe teared up like I do. Usually I tear up when I stub my toes but the happiness cry is something I have experienced many times in my life. That is what Dansby had. Tears of joy! 

Have the Bravves found their 3 solid pitchers like they had with Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, and John Smoltz? Could the new 3 starting pitchers for the Braves in their new stadium in Cobb county be Julio Teheran, Mike Foltynewicz, and Matt Wisler? Possible,  it could happen.  Have the Braves found their new version of Chipper Jones in Freddie Freeman? More than likely yes, however in baseball you just never really know. It makes for great debates and conversations, but NOTHING is a guarantee in baseball. But it brings a huge smile to my face when think about the 2017 Braves in their new stadium and home!


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