The Cubs shut out the Pirates in Chicago

Last night’s game in Chicago was fun on many levels. The Cubs got to show MLB how great they can be and the game was quick. When I say quick, I don’t mean like snap your fingers quick, but a baseball game under 3 hours quick. Fast games with huge hits from big players in Chicago help to make baseball a delight to watch.

Anthony Rizzo got things going in Chicago batting  1 for 4 with 2 RBIs. Miguel Montero who must  love Wrigley field, he wa 1 for 3 with an RBI. Turns out that is all the offense the Cubs would need Hendrix was pitching. Hendrix had his good stuff on the mound. He knew it, his coaches, and teammates knew it as well.

Hendrix pitched 7 scoreless innings in his brilliant pitching performance. Newly acquired pitching closer Arodis Chapman slammed the door shut on the Pittsburg Pirates picking up his 31st save. Fun game in Chicago last night. If the Cubs continue playing like this 110 win season is in the bag. Wouldn’t it be nice to see another “curse” go away? Baseball has many story lines to it.  It is full of different emotions. Ranging from extreme sadness to pure excitement and the feeling for fans of FINALLY! The Red Soxs and Theo Epstein experienced this in Boston. Is 2016 the year the longest cause in sports ends? Being a fan of baseball, I would love to see the billy goat curse end. I believe in October the city of Chicago will be celebrating. 100 years is a long time. Let’s hope not to make it a 100 more.


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