Straight up, it is just a game guys. 

Last night was a very exciting night. It was the beginning of The college football season! There were several games played. Since I happen to live somewhere in South Carolina, I enjoyed watching South Carolina Gamecocks play the Vanderbilt Commodores. The other very exciting football game I kept track of on my tablet was The Tennessee Volunteers playing Appalachain State Mountianeers. 

It was a fun night indeed. Both games came down to the wire. It was not as exciting as baseball, but I may be a bit biased. As I was watching both games, I decided to get to know my new friend and fellow sports writer Zack Torres better. I sent him a message and the 2 of us starting chatting. It is always fun to talk with fellow sports fans and find out which teams they follow and possibly why. He lives in Alabama and follows Auburn. I live in South Carolina and my favorite college football team is Notre Dame, go figure. 

During our discussion last night I mentioned to Zack that although both games were very exciting, I try not to get too involved with sports anymore. I care who wins and I will continue to support all my teams which are spread out through the country.  But I did remember one thing about how involved and cared so much about sports it affected my physical health. Seriously if the San Fransisco 49ers ever lost on a Sunday when I was in my younger 20s, it would ruin my entire upcoming week. I was newly married and had a son when I was 23 but even those things almost didn’t change my passion for the NFL. Wow, looking back on it now, I was really in a horrible state of mind. I had ulcers in my throat to go along with my multiple sclerosis which was diagnosed when I was 20. Surely football was much more important, right?

They answer to that question is a resounding NO! Sports are a nice break from the reality of life, but when that love and passion for the games starts controlling your life, it’s time for a hobby. Over the 20 years in my life since that time period, my like has done an complete 180. I still follow sports and I do slightly care who wins or loses,  but at night when I go to bed, I don’t focus on sports at all. Sports are fun and no matter how much we as fans support and love our teams, it does not affect the final scores. I wish I knew this logic 20 years ago. But as the saying goes, everyone can not be a Monday morning quarterback. Peace Up! A-Town!!


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