The Giants defeat the Cubs in Chicago.

The San Fransicso defeated the Chicago Cubs 3-2 in Chicago. This is a 4 games  series in Chicago with the Cubs winning the first 2 games games. The series is now 2-1 with the final game to be played tomorrow. These 3 games have all been very close games and neither team seems content giving up. Of course MLB teams do not give up, the game is never over until the last strike is called in the bottom of the 9th inning. 

Madison Bumgarner was on the pitching mound for the Giants and he knew the his team needed a win in Chicago. Eduardo Nunez provided the go ahead RBI in the Top of the 7th inning with a double. The gave the Giants the 3-2 lead. 3 runs will be all the Giants needed with Bumgarner on the hill. He went 6 strong innings picking up the win. Then the Giants bullpen took over. They shut down the Cubs who were threading in the 8th and 9th innings, but they could not the key hit or sacrifice they needed. Santiago Cascilla picked up his 30th save of the season. 

This has been an extremely exciting series between these two potential play off teams. Every single game of this series has lived up to the hype of a play off showdown. Both of these line ups and bullpens are loaded with pure talent. This is going to be a staring contest. It is only a matter of which team will blink first. No one knows. Save the saber metrics and statistics. This may come down to which ream wants it more. Hang on to your hats guys and gals. This is going to be a roller coaster ride. 


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