Everyone loves a good Fairytale, right?

This morning as I was preparing to go on my usual walk, I had this story running in my head. I just couldn’t let it go. I came back in my house and decided my walk can wait. I need to write this down before my idea slips away. Sports stories are almost as magical as tales we heard growing up. I used to love when a parent, friend, or anyone really who would tell me a story. Dragons, castles, princesses, sword fights, bean stalkers, and happily ever after. 

Now that I am older and more mature, as it has been suggested, I like to look for good stories as an adult. When thenRed Soxs came back from being down 3 games to zero in the American League championships series, that had never been done before.  That taught us as sports fans, never give up. Keep trying, chasing your goals, and the game isn’t over until the 3rd strike is called in the bottom of the 9th inning. Good story there. When the Atlanta Braves finally won thenWorld Series title in 1995, it energized an entire city in the South. Good things will happen if we learn patience.

That leads us up to 2016. Which story will baseball teach us this year? I have no idea and neither does anyone else. Will it be the year the Cubs finally win a World Series title? Will David Ortiz, Big Popi, ride off into the sunset with his 3rd World Series ring? Can the Washington Nationals quiet the fans who do not think Dusty Baker can win a title? Can the New York Yankees or the New York Mets bring the World Series title back to New York? Will Bily Beane prove that the Athletic’s team in Oakland can win a title without paying huge contracts? No one knows, but those are just a few of the potential stories that we will all be read in October. 


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