The Padres defeat the Red Soxs 2-1 in San Diego.

In case you were not up until 1am like I was, you missed an exciting game on the West Coast. In spectacular fashion, the Padres won a close game in the bottom of the 9th inning with a home run by former Red Soxs player, Adam Rosales. Yes it was fun and exciting the crowds in San Diego went wild. They do not have a lot of reasons to celebrate in San Diego when it comes to 2016 MLB baseball.

This will be David Ortiz’s final West Coast regular season road trip of 2016. Unless Ortiz decides to continue to play after announcing his retirement, this is it. Not including if the Red Sox go to the play offs, we are talking regular season. The only score the Red Soxs had all eveing was Chris Youngnhit a home run in the top of the 8th inning. That set the stage for a great dramatic ballgame in the bottom of the 9th inning for Rosales home run. Almost too dramatic one might suggest. I would put last night’s Red Soxs/Padres game up against any ball game I have watched this year in terms of the excitement level. Having said that, I see a slight problem.

Why in the world are there inter league baseball games being played in September? September is usually the month where teams make their final push for the play offs. Either it is a division title or one of the 2 wild card  spots. This is not a good idea schedulers of baseball, whomever you are. Yes let’s give David Ortiz a final West Coast road trip. It will generate a lot of tickets sales and revenue for West Coast teams. Baseball is a business first and a game 2nd. The players, coaches, and fans know this. When there are big trades or free agents signing in the off season, it is usually the fans who are enraged, not the players. The players of MLB are one big family. Happy or not, they all generally get along. If you doubt this, watch how the players interact with each other after a player hits a single and is standing on first base. There are usually smiles and laughter between whoever is playing first and the hitter who is now standing on 1st base. Fans like myself who live on the East Coast may not feel like staying awake past 1am to see an inner league game that has very little to do with standings. Please adjust the schedule next year MLB so no inner league games are schedule in September. In the finally analysis if this is my biggest problem I have with baseball, then I really have zero problems.


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