The Astros are winning big games on the road.

The Houston Astros are on the road and they are playing hig games against some of the division leaders in the American League. Last night’s win over the Cleveland Indians was their 3rd straight road win, they are just coming off 2 big wins in Arlington over the disks ion leading Texas Rangers. Now they take their show on the road to Cleveland where the Indians have a semi comfortable division league. I say semi comfortable because in September, no division lead  is safe. 

It is not only the hitting that is clicking at the right time for the Astros, but their bullpen is about as close to an automatic shutdown as baseball can get. If you need proof of that theory, watch a replay on MLB or one of the local cable stations in the Houston market. They impress me a lot, and trust me I am not easily impressed in baseball. They way they have been winning their last few games should prove how great they are playing in early September. I can not imagine there are many teams in the American League would want to play a series with the Astros anytime soon. 

With the way the play off system is right now, it is very important for teams to win their divisions. Once they do that, they will have a higher seed ranking when the play offs do begin. The wild card rounds are the best 3 out of 5 games. Wild card teams who work their way into a wild card berth may have to face a hot team like the Indians or the Rangers. I think it is wise for teams not to go into a best of 5 series with the Astros right now, maybe baseball teams in the American League might catch a break. The Astros might cool off later in October but for now if you are playing the Astros, Houston you may have a problem. 


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