It would almost take a miracle, but the Braves can still make it to the post season.

A lot of people who might read this article based on the headline below, might be grasping at straws. I know I am. The Atlanta Braves are currently 18 games back in the 2nd wildcard playoff berth in the National League. They Braves have 20 games left for the 2016 season. Numerically if and that is  a huge IF only lose 2 more games for the rest of the season, they can make it in to the playoffs. An extremely long shot, but miracles do happen. 

The Braves played very well these past couple of weeks, until they went to Washington and played their old nemesis the Nationals. There really are very few arguments people can make this season, the Nationals have pretty much owned the Braves. It seems it doesn’t matter if they play in Washington or Atlanta, Dusty Baker has made the correct moves at the right time with his lineup. The manger of the Nationals, Dusty Baker, is pulling all the right punches at the right time. That will lead to another argument I have about the mindset of Baker’s managing style. But I’ll only touch on that briefly this morning.

In last night’s game the starting pitcher for the Nationals Stephen Strasburg left in the top of the 3rd inning. His pitching arm seemed to be bothering him. Strasburg was activated from the 15 day disabled list for this game. If this story seems familiar, it does. About a month ago Baker played Bryce Harper against the Braves in Atlanta. Harper gave every indication his shoulder was bothering him. Last night Strasburg sold his pitching arm being hurt. I am no doctor, but the 2 best players for the Nationals being “injured” seems awfully convietant. Maybe it is because I used to act in high school and college. People can easily be fooled. In my personal opinion, neither Harper or Strasburg are injured. Baker is playing some sort of game with the Braves. He can see the Braves line up and pitching rotation are a threat to the Nationals. Probably not this season, but the 2017 line up for the Braves looks very good. Plus, the Braves have not yet traded or signed any free agents yet. Maybe Dusty Baker and the Nationals should stop playing the part of an injured team and worry about the New York Mets closing in on the NL East division title. Trust me Baker, Harper, and Strasburg you are not good actors. More like court jesters. 


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