Watch out American League, here comes the Yankees!

The title of this almost sounds like a horror movie. Since Halloween is just 7 weeks away, we can add some theme music. But having joked around this morning, the Yankees are playing very well right now. They are only 4.5 games back of the American League East division leaders the Boston Red Soxs. However the Red Soxs are also playing very good baseball right now. So shifting gears, the Yankees are only 2.5 games back in the wildcard standings in the AL.

The Yankees have been very interesting this season to say the least. They are clearing salary cap room, releasing players, and despite it all have been playing very good baseball. When Alex Rodriguez retired, there were one or possibly two sad days in New York. I personally was over his retirement in 10 seconds flat, but that’s just me. I have an opinion about why the Yankees are clearing salary cap room, they want Bryce Harper. Harper will be a free agent after the 2017 season. I can see the Yankees offering Harper a 12 year $500 million contract. They can afford it, and this is New York. Yankees generate a lot of income as it is well documented. The above contract numbers I stated about may seem outrageous, but if you look at it from a baseball perspective not really. 

How much would you pay for arguably the best player in baseball? If you do that equation, it would potentially pay Harper $41.6 million a season. With baseball popularity on the rise, we as fan can only expect larger and larger contract for players and pitchers. I remember when Alex Rodriguez signed a $250 million dollar contract with the Texas Rangers over 10 years ago. I called him the quarter billion dollars man. I’m not sure what nicknames I wil call Harper, but it will be polite even though I am a Braves fan. With the Yankees wisely spending their money and the world attention that seems to be focused on New York, that would be a fun contract to anyone. Heck give me 1/100 of that contract and I will sell peanuts and cracker jacks for every single Yankees game in 2017. Even if I have to use my MS walker. Heck I can thrown, maybe? The Yankees may very well be play off bound in 2016. We as fans just have to wait and see. 


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