There were many reasons reasons to cheer last night in New York!

Last night was opening kick off of the 2016 NFL Season. The game was exciting in the few parts I did watch in between innings. I did get to watch enough to know which NFL team won, the Carolina Panthers. But I was able to catch the bottom of the 9th inning of the game between the Toronto Blue Jays and the New York Yankees. If you want to talk about how noisy a baseball stadium can get, then you may want to start leveling noise levels at the new Yankee Stadium.

When Tyler Austin hit his walk off home run last night, I could almost feel my television shaking. I have not quite yet upgraded to a flat screen TV yet, I prefer my bulky television set with my DVD player. I do have the screen available in my room so I can watch as many baseball games as possible, but instead of watching the Philadelphia Phillies play the Washington Nationals, I went with the YES! network and the Yankees game. I know I made the right choice.  If I didn’t want to be obnoxious and turn the volume level on my TV way up, I’m fairly certain the vibrations from the crowd last night would of shaken my dresser and gave the impression of an earthquake. I grew up in Northern California, we got those a lot. Not major ones when I lived there, thank God, but trembles very often.

Anyway, back to baseball not the trip down memory lane for yours truly. Not only was Tyler Austin’s home run enough to bring the roof down, but previously Brian McCann blasted 2 huge home runs of the park as well. When McCann used to play for the Atlanta Braves, he was one of my favorite players on the team. I still follow him in New York, that same way I still follow Jason Heyward, former Braves player, in Chicago. I’m a fan of baseball first and players second regardless of which team they play for. McCann proved to me last night this very hot hitting streak he is on isn’t a fluke. He still has power at the plate,, and maybe he is not ready to compete for the 100 yard dash in Olympic Trials,  he can still move quicker than me. 

However the spotlight in New York was focusing in on Tyler Austin, as it should have been. I am pretty sure he knew when he hit the ball last night the stadium was not going to hold it. His teammates, coaches, and fans knew it. Austin was very much a classic act and he jogged around the baseball pads after hitting a walk off home run for the New York Yankees. A childhood dream come true. A reminder of why I love basebal  and only like football. The Yankees are aging ground of the division and wild card standing. Might I suggest if you are a fan of sports with all the exciting upcoming weekend of football, college and NFL games both, check out a bit of baseball games in the 9th inning. That is excitement boxed in a package Justin time for the holidays.


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