The Astros defeat the Cubs in Houston.

Normally before sitting down and preparing to write my next baseball posts, I genuinely give the headline a catch appeal. I want people, the readers to want to read the article. I normally go with the basics of what all my article will entail. Every now and then for dramatic purposes, I might add an exclamation! See, now isn’t that more exciting? However, sometimes it’s best to stick with the facts.

The Houston Astros have accomplished something a lot of other MLB teams have not managed to do lately. They beat the Chicago Cubs. It’s not like the Cubs are unbeatable, but having already won 90 games this season with a bit under a month to play, it’s an accomplishment. It appears to be that these two teams are headed to the post season. Pitching for both teams has been key to their successes. However, offense is needed to score runs. After 9 innings of a baseball game is over, and only three runs total score, you might concede that pitching wins championships. Big bats and power hitting are exciting, but sometimes it’s fun to watch a chess game. Yes I do play chess, just not well.

The pitching duel yesterday afternoon was fun. Luckily I recorded the last couple of innings since the time schedule interfered with the start of the Notre Dame game. The innings I did watch between John Lackey of the Cubs and Collin McHugh of the Astros was like watching two artist compete over who might flinch first. All it takes is a bit of wind, irrelevant since Minute Maid park is an indoor stadium, or some other small break to go the other teams way. Yesterday afternoon it went the Astros way. 

Baseball is a game of luck, intense concentration, and the right hit at the right time. If these teams meet in the World Series which is a possibility, get ready for great pitching and low runs being scored. If Jason Heyward of the Cubs does manage a home run in a potential exciting World Series match up, it will be a part of history. The same argument can be made if Evan Gattis does the same for the Astros. Both Heyward and Gattis were teammates in Atlanta, I just wanted to point that out. 


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