The Braves win last night ending the Mets winning streak.

In case you were emerged in all the exciting College Football action last evening, you missed a fantastic baseball game in Atlanta. This was the second game of the series with the New York Mets. The Mets took game 1 of the series. Saurday night, the Atlanta Braves responded. 

It was a very close game last night. It seems every single game in MLB is right now. This is the play off push and every single game counts. They all count, every 162 games in a regular season. However, when trying to continuing playing into October, your team better win or make room for other teams who have the same thirst for the playoffs. I personally not seen any team giving up and throwing in the towel. The Braves do not have the worst record in baseball, the belongs  to the Minnesota Twins, but the Twins also are beating playoff caliber teams. It was the Braves turn to play spoiler last night. I can’t think of a better team to end their winning streak other than the Mets. Can you say rivalry?

The Mets struck first in the top of the 1st inning scoring 2 runs. It was only 2 runs and that can be made up in baseball. Early leads in games no matter which sport can be deceiving. If you turn off the games because your team is losing early than you either have very little patience, or your life is too consumed with sports. It’s OK to be passionate about your favorite teams. Heck I have 2 Notre Dame tattoos on my upper right arm. My next ink job will be a Braves logo over my heart. Or if I wimp out near my heart. Regardless never let the score board take away your love for your team. Even if your teams doesn’t win, guess what? Life continues. Enough of my psychological stuff about sports, the Braves won! 

Matt Kemp tied the game in the bottom of the 6th inning with a huge home run. When I say huge, it was measured at over 460 feet. I think that classifies as huge, plus it tied the game at 3-3. The game went to extra innings. Luckily it only played into one inning of extra baseball, I was tired. Adonis Garcia had a walk off single and drove in the winning run. It was a celebration Atlanta style for sure! With the 2016 season almost at and end, the Braves are not giving up. They are holding on to that last bit of hope of a final push to see how well they can end the season. There aren’t many games left but the Braves are making them count. Go Braves and beat the Mets!! 


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