Beware! The Cubs are a very dangerous team.

Last night my evening was all planned out. Watch the Chicago Cubs and the Houston Astros game, check my NFL Fantasy scores, and Pandora. Simple plans that will keep me entertained for at least 3 hours. The back up plan was watching Good Morning Vietnam. After about 45 minutes of watching the ballgame, it was movie time.

I never expected the offensive explosion the Cubs put on last night. Maybe they wanted their game to be envy of sports everywhere. This is how you play a game and once your foot is on the gas pedal, smash it as far down as it can go. Once I saw the score was 9-0 heading into the 4th inning, I figured though possible a comeback tonight was not going to happen in Houston. The Astros played and looked like a deflated balloon you find behind the sofa 2 weeks later after a birthday party. No life at all. But I would of missed a huge game if the Astros managed to battle back. Time to turn off the movie and check the score, 9-1. Time to turn the movie back on.

The Cubs hitting was not all power hits with Grand Slams the smashed to train in Minute Maid park. It was key hits, great base running, and a swagger the Cubs had. They knew who the better team was last night. This is Sunday Night baseball and the world is watching. If you did watch the game for longer than 1 inning, you were witnessed to a hitting exposition. A baseball clinic if you will, hustle around the bases and take advantage of every throwing error and wild pitch. Although I can not say for sure, the Astros as a team had to feel embarrassed. This was the same  Cubs team they had won against Saturday night. Same team, different night, and a much bigger night offensively. 

I hesitate to give box scores and hit totals. No one player was the highlight of the game for the Cubs. It was each player doing their job and playing the game the way it should be played every night regardless of where the game is being played. I find it slightly ironic that Jason Heyward had the night off. I was hoping he would have a big game, instead the Chicago Cubs had the big game as a team. Now that the Atlanta Braves season is over, I think I know which team to support in the National League. 


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