No, no Cardinals. All you managed was 1 run.

Just in case you missed the game last night between the Chicago Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals, you almost missed a piece of history. Kyle Hendricks of the Cubs took a no hitter into the top of the 9th inning before the Cardinals were able to hit a solo home run ruining his pursuit of perfection.  

Of course Hendricks was upset on the mound. He dominated the Cardinals in their own house. The St. Louis crowd erupted in applause as if their team had just won the World Series. I understand rivalry games especially when they are played in the same division but I almost teared up when the no hitter bid was over. I missed Monday Night Football’s game between the Pittsburg Steelers and the Washington Redskins. Football is just football, eh oh well. 

Kyle Hendricks had nothing to be upset about. His almost no hit game was only 3 outs away. It would have been nice. The Cubs also provided him with plenty of offense too. Dexter Fowler hit a two run home run that provided all the runs the Cubs would need although they scored 2 more runs. I have never been very good at sports myself, but I did try to give my best effort in every game and be perfect. Heck even know I aim for perfection in everything I try to do, even if it’s just writing baseball posts. I know deep down there is no such thing as a perfect article, but I will keep trying. There are perfect games thrown in baseball and no hitters, and as a pitcher I am sure that is the ultimate goal. It is alright Kyle Hendricks if you didn’t get your goal last night. I guess you will have to settle for the Cy Young award instead. 


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