Yankees Yankees Yankees!!! Sorry, not sorry Dodgers.

Tuesday evenings are normally my very relaxing,  as I totally recover from 3 days of intense sports watching. Last night was no different. I was catching up on my binge watching of shows on Netflix and watching the ML B Network on mute. Not very many exciting things happening. CiCi Sabathia was pitching a great game for the Yankees not allowing any runners to score, and the same can be said for the Dodger’s starting pitcher. No runs allowed. Then out of no where, DAM!

In the bottom of the 7th inning Jacoby Ellsbury stepped into the batter’s box. He was not in the starting rotation for the Yankees, but the his team needed some runs. It was a towering drive deep into right field that even the announcers knew was out of the stadium before the Dodgers did. Well done indeed. But not so fast, Didi Goragoris wanted to show that although he was not in the starting line up either, he can still hit the long ball. So he did. Now it was 2-0 Yankees. It’s time for happiness and joy, if you live in New York. Being a Yankees fan also is a requirement but good news Mets fans, y’all won too! 

Yes I am from the South and I will continue using terms like y’all and reckon. If I can learn to appreciate life up North, y’all can cut me a little slack about my slang. The important thing is we are all baseball fans and love a good game. Celebrating is a universal language, no need for speaking. It matters not if you like the Braves, Yankees, Cubs, Red Soxs, or any other MLB team. We are fans of baseball. Even the Dodgers at certain levels can be celebrated. Bitterness runs deep in my Braves loving bones, the Dodgers gave me many headaches as I was growing up and they were in the same division as the Braves way back then. So again Yankees, great game. L.A. Dodgers, sorry but not sorry. 


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