Who wins The American League East might come down to the very last day.

As a person who is lucky enough to write about baseball and commitment on the games and races, this is my favorite time of the year. The division races in both the American and National Leagues are not over yet, but as a baseball fan I can have a good idea who will win their perspective divisions. These are only guess right now, but this is the topics for many great debates. Who will win the wild card in both leagues? Good luck with your pick. 

The American League East fascinates me. There are four teams within 4 games of each other. Only one can win the AL East, but let’s not forget the 2 wild card spots up for grabs. It is possible that the AL East can send 3 different team’s represented in the AL play offs? The Boston Red Soxs are currently at the top of the AL East, however there is still a lot of baseball to be played. The Baltimore Orioles, New York Yankees, and Toronto Blue Jays want to be in the Fall classics too. 4 different teams, only 3 of them can go.

Over the last 10 games the Baltimore Orioles are playing above .500 baseball at 6-4. The Red Soxs are 5-5, Yankees 4-6, and lastly the Blue Jays are 3-7. Now before counting out the Blue Jays, keep in mind now is the time for winning streaks. Every MLB club is playing for something. Teams who aren’t going to the play offs like the Atlanta Braves, do get a chance at playing spoilers. Not to mention the Washington Nationals are coming to Atlanta this weekend for a series. Shifting back to the AL East, we all as baseball fans should know about the rivalry between the Red Soxs and the Yankees. They also have a weekend series also. If you don’t know the rivalry, feel free to ask me directly or any baseball writer. We will all offer a history of throwing at batters and bench clearing brawls. Ever hear of Pedro Martinez and how hard he can throw? Ask Alex Rodriguez. He knows.

This will be a fantastic weekend for baseball. I hope my 3 television screens can keep up with me. Then I’ll make sure my tablet is full charged, that can act as a fourth screen. Oh yeah, I hear there is a big NCAA game on Saturday night Notre Dame vs. Michigan State in South Bend. Maybe I can watch that football game since I have 2 ND tattoos. Maybe if I get a third one it can be a tomahawk for the Braves close to my heart. Remember kids, like football but love baseball.


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