The Braves vs Mets, a series for the season

This series will be everything that is right for baseball. The Atlanta Braves are playing well right now, coming of their first series win of the season of the Washington Nationals. The New York Mets are the playing excellent baseball in the National League. The Mets have record over the last 10 games is 7-3 games. The Braves record for the last 10 games is 4-6. 

If you go by strictly the numbers in baseball, then in that case the Mets should easily win this series in New York. However, only looking at numbers might not be the best idea. Never being a numbers guy, it’s easy to accept the fact that 1+1=2. That is a proven fact with pages and pages of research to solidify this. The problem is if you only look at numbers and are a very matter of facts person, you may lose out on other factors or elements. Let’s refer to these factors as the human element.

Taking all arguments of reason and logic makes for great debates. One of the reasons why baseball is fascinating. Record wise this is an open and shut case. Only an ignorant fan would believe the Braves have a chance of winning this series or a single game in New York. Look at the numbers and records. The Mets are practically unbeatable right now. The Braves are riding an emotional high and their 2016 season will be done in 2 weeks from tonight. The Braves should shrug their shoulders and focus on next season.

That is what the Nationals were hoping for and look what happened in Atlanta. The Mets are 8 games back of the Nationals in the National League east. Only 8 games back with only 11 games left in the 2016 season. The Braves are over 20 games back, yeah they won’t catch the Nationals or a coveted wild card spot, the Mets are leading the wild card race in the National League, one game ahead of the San Francisco Giants. If the season ended today the Nationals would win the NL east and the Mets would be the first wild card and the Giants as the second wild card. But there is still 2 weeks of baseball to play. The St. Louis Cardinals are only 1 game back in the wild card race. The Nationals, Mets, Giants, and Cardinals all want to continue playing in October. Only 3 of the 4 teams will play on. Which of the 4? Stay tuned. ALso for a bit more of a dramatic affect, the Miami Marlins, Pittsburg Pirates, and the Colorado Rockies are only 5 or 6 games out respectively. Play ball!


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