Dusty Baker is not leading the Nationals to the playoffs in 2016

Dusty Baker, the manager of the Washington Nationals, is not leading his team to the post season playoffs in 2016. The Nationals magic number to win the National League East division is 8. All the Nationals need are 8 wins  or a combination of losses from the New York Mets or the surging Florida Marlins. 

There are only 10 games left for the 2016 MLB regular season. This is true for all teams, 10 more games to play the best baseball your team can do. The only team in the Natioanl League to secure a spot in the post season are the Chicago Cubs. All the other teams will need to wait until the final pitch on October 2, 2016. 

This is not the time of year to have any type of losing streak. 1 or 2 games might be acceptable, maybe. To have a 3 game losing streak to teams in your division is not leading your team, it is hoping that  your star players shine. So far in Miami, the Nationals players are not shining, they are barely giving off light of a lone birthday candle.

Bryce Harper was not in line up for yesterday’s game in Miami. One can only guess as to why? Let’s make a guess and say Dusty Baker wanted to give his elite player a night off. Harpers did come into the game as a pinch hitter in the top of the 9th inning. The Nationals had a runner of first base, but all Harper did was fly out to right field. 

That is one possible scenario. Let’s suggest another theory and possibly assume Harper has a nagging shoulder injury, and was unable to give his very best effort in last night’s game. That is a stretch, and almost a conspiracy theory. Is Harper really injured or is he showing the world what a good actor he is? His shoulder has not been the same after coming off the disabled list in July to play against the Atlanta Braves in Washington. Being a Braves fan with a fairly good memory has it’s advantages. 

On a positive take for the Washington Nationals their last 7 games will be played in Washington. However, before the Nationals enjoy their familiar stadium, they have 3 more away games. 2 in Miami and 1 quick road game to Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh Pirates are 4.5 games back in then wild card race in the National League. The New York Mets are currently leading the wild card race in the NL. Right behind the Mets are the San Fransisco Giants and the St. Louis Cardinals just one game out of the wild card race. 

Tonight’s pitching match up in Miami will be Tanner Roark of the Nationals against Jose Fernandez of the Marlins. The Atlanta Braves and the New York Mets will be playing in New York tonight. The Braves will send their ace pitcher Julio Teheran to the mound to pitch against Robert Gsellman of the Mets. Both of these games can be huge in deciding the National League east and which team will eventually end up with the NL East crown. 


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