Only 10 games left

In case you were unaware, there are only 10 more games left in the 2016 regular baseball season. With that being said, only  one team in MLB is for sure going to the playoffs, the Chicago Cubs. That means every other playoffs spot is up for grabs. Not one single team in baseball is the next for sure team to get in. 

Teams have magic numbers, but those magic magic numbers are about as reliable as looking into a crystal ball right now. The Boston Red Soxs are playing well, but guess what? So are the New York Yankees, Baltimore Orioles, and the Toronto Blue Jays. Switching to the National League, the Washington Nationals should have things wrapped up by now. They do not. The New York Mets were just swept by the Atlanta Braves in New York, and the Philadelphia Phillies are coming to New York. The Miami Marlins are making a nice bid for the post season as well. The Marlins just won a series against the Nationals 3-4 in Miami. The Braves will be playing the Marlins tonight. 2 red hot teams in Miami, tune in for this game. More not so good news for the Nationals, the St. Louis Cardinals want that wild card bid too. 

11 post season bids will be up for grabs. Which teams want them more? Red Soxs, Nationals, Yankees, Mets or another team? Now’s the time for every single player to play and not have days off.  Heroes will emerge and heart pounding action is a guarantee. Not one single game or team is out of it until the bottom of the 9th inning when strike 3 is called. Whatever baseball superstition you have, now is the time for it. Rub that 4 leaf clover key chain, turn your hats around and inside out. Pray to the baseball gods for that perfect pitch or that key hit. In the end, it’s a game. A fun game, but still a game.


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