Please Braves keep Brian Snitker as manager

There has been very little to get excited about as an Atlanta Braves fan this year. Having seen all but 3 or 4 games in 2016  can verify that statement. When Fredi Gonzalez was let go as a manger, it was going to be interesting to see who the Braves thought would make a good new manager. Brian Snitker is not only good, he is great!

After reading every possible article about the Braves online, it seems that in 2017 the organization wants a new start. A new ball park, new players, and possibly a new manager to lead the team. There have been several names rumored to be one step away from being the new manager of the Braves. The list includes Terry Pendleton,  Eddie Perez, and maybe even Chiiper Jones as the new clubhouse manager. All former Braves players’ that might do a good job managing. 

Please look for further Brian Snitker. He has done an amazing job with this new line up. In developing rookies fresh from AAA there doesn’t seem to be another manger near as good. When the Braves started releasing players whomwerentnexactly a fit in Atlanta, the Braves had to shuffle their line up quite a bit. When the Braves were able to trade for Matt Kemp, the whole dynamic and line up changed. To have a power bat following Freddie Freeman, who is absolutely clutch right now, is a remarkable find. The topmofmthe batting order has been getting on basefornthe most part and Freeman, Kemp, and Nick Markyhave been driving them in.

The Braves 7 game hitting streak ended last night. It was an exciting ga,e with clutch hitting from the Braves and the Miami Marlins. The pitching royhas been solid and the bullpen is almost as certain as the they come. It’s a great time to be a Braves fan, of course you have to put out the whole notation of going to the playoffs in 2016. The 2017 Braves will be exciting to watch. Dansby Swanson probably will be moved up in the batting order in the number 2 spot, and there will be more line up changes in store as well. Letting Snitker make those decision is a good thing for the Braves team and organization. 


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