Baseball is a true gentleman’s game

When you think of baseball several words may come to mind. Long, boring, or exciting. It’s all a matter of perspective. There are currently 32 teams in MLB. Right now all teams have a 40 man roster. Here is a basic math skill I learned in school. 32 X 4= 128, now add that zero. 1,280 players are playing MLB now. Not including the managers, coaches, and the executives (let’s add 1,000 to have fun) 2,280 people on this planet make a living playing baseball.

There is a certain comratory that exists. Sure there are occasional fights and shoving matches, but what family doesn’t occasionally argue from time to time? When you throw in 100 mph pitchers and players built like trucks, yes the passion of baseball comes out. There are heroes and villains, again it all depends on which team you follow. In case  there is any doubt which team to follow, ask a family member who they follow. That’s always fun and if you don’t know which MLB your family follows, don’t be surprised when at Thanksgiving you have a spot at the kid’s table. 

The Atlanta Braves won last night, in case you missed it. After Julio Teheran gave up a grand slam in the first inning to Ron Howard of the Philadelphia Phillies, that other idea you might of had for Tuesday night might sound more appealing. Maybe the Boston Red Soxs playing against the New York Yankees might be better? Could be, David Ortiz might be visiting Yankees’ stadium for the last time. Yeah, don’t bet on that just yet. Yes there were other MLB games to watch. Last night, 4 different games were playing in my room, now that I finally figured out how to use the picture in picture option on the TV. Good times were had last night despite whatever game you decided to go with.

The best part of watching last night’s game were all the emotions the players showed to one another. After this past weekend’s horrible tragedy in Miami with Jose Fernandez, the baseball world was shown how precious and short life can be. Tensions are still high now, play off spots are still up for grabs. In the end all MLB players and coaches mourn the loss of Jose Fernandez. It was great seeing the Braves baseball hats having JF16 on their hats. 16 was Fernandez’s jersey number for the Miami Marlins. That’s putting life in its proper perspective and showing how gentleman behave. 


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