Just call him Freddie, Mr. Freeman if you’re nasty

Sitting down to write about Freddie Freeman is like trying in wordsin words what a moveable pieces of art looks like. Very difficult to do, and almost impossible to give an accurate. There are writer’s who have that gift. Doing my best job without using too many adjectives if virtually impossible. 

Right now Freddie Freeman is one of the top 3 players in baseball, arguably the best. David Ortiz of the Red Soxs may have an argument but unlike Ortiz, Freeman will be playing in MLB in 2017. Very few teams want to pitch to Freeman regardless of the situation or score. Last night’s game it took Freeman until the bottom of the 6th inning to get his first hit, but when pitchers give batters very little if anything to hit, its not his fault. When that pitch did come his way, he drove it right back where it came from. Over the pitchers head where the baseball landed in centerfield. 

Freeman’s stats are amazing for the 2016 season. His batting average is .308 with 33 home runs and 88 Runs Batted In.  By the way he also has 6 stolen bases and an Onbase Plus Slugging percentage of .982. Those are definitely MOst Valuable Player numbers, however Freeman’s name isn’t discussed much when it comes to the National league MVP of 2016. He does not play for the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs are having a record breaking year with timely hitting and fabulous pitching. The spotlight is shining brightly in Chicago, deservably so. 

The beginning of the 2017 MLB season starts on The Spring. Five short months away. It’s going to be an exciting time for all 32 MLB teams. New seasons bring new possibilities. Any team can win. There are zero teams in baseball with no chance of playing hard and competing for the World Series. The Atlanta Braves have a very good baseball team right now. Since the All Star Break, they have a shot at playing .500 baseball. Not for the 2016 season but there aren’t many teams wanting to play the Braves right now. Their leader, hitting in the number three position, Freddie Freeman is tearing up baseball right now. So again call him Freddie but MLB pitchers will respectfully call him Mr. Freeman. 


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