Goodbye 2016 MLB season, you will be missed

There are few things in life as humans we can control. Our tempers, loyalty, and passions are things we all control. However with the things we can control, there are the things we can not control. Randomness, faith, and luck. At times, life is all about being in the right place at the right time. Don’t confuse random things with faith. 

When the regular season of 2016 MLB season began, 32 teams were full of hope. Players, coaches, and even fans had no way of knowing how the season would end and which team would be holding the illusive World Series trophy in Late October. Only one team can win it all. Sure there will be other titles to be won, but 31 other teams will eventually come up short. Writers, experts, and people who obsessively watch sports can offer insight. At the end of the day, honestly my opinion is no better than your opinion. 

We as fans always cheer for our teams. Sometimes our teams win, and it seems like that the team won because of that magical event of turning our hats inside out and throwing imaginary Pixie Dust towards the screen helped. Not that I ever did that, moving on. There are some sport moments that will be forever parts of our lives. Witnessing a Hail Mary pass in football to defeat a rival team, smashing a home run in the bottom of the 9th inning, or watching your favorite soccer club player heading in a winning goal. 

32 teams playing their hearts out for 12 post season spots. Any team can win, nothing is guaranteed. Sure your favorite team can build new exciting stadiums, sign or trade big name players to help boost your line up, and make fancy commercials endorsing products. Your favorite MLB team can help make our lives fascinating. They might add that one element that will help bring a smile to our faces or tears to our eyes. Waiting for years to hold the W.S. Trophy in your hands will bring a rush to our hearts like nothing else can. 

To the 20 MLB teams who will not be playing tomorrow in the MLB playoffs, don’t hang your heads. Each and every team has giving fans reasons to celebrate and cheer. 30 game hitting streaks, young talent emerging, and new MLB coaches showing the right way to coach will be remember by this fan. 2016 being the worst year of my life, did come with a few bright spots. Finding reasons not to give up, love knowing no boundaries, and the potential of a bright 2017 are huge inspirations. I can’t control faith, it’s being at the right moment at the right time. Like sports, sometimes you witness and feel like your part of history and that gives you a temporary rush. Eventually the rush will fad. Our love, passions, and friendships will not. Be a good and supporting  person and continue to cheer for your favorite MLB teams. March 31, 2017 will be here before you know it. That’s plenty of time to build arm strength to keep chopping. See everyone in Cobb county!


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