Orioles against the Blue Jays, which bird do you like

It’s time for MLB first postseason game today. The Baltimore Orioles against the Toronto Blue Jays. This is a great game to start with. Both of these teams have been playing extremely well as of late. If you love great pitching and timely hitting, you’ll be entertained. 

This game will be played in Toronto tonight at 8:00pm est.  The Orioles will send Chris Tillman to the mound to face the Blue Jays. Toronto will be having Marcus Stroman with the pitching honors. This pitching match up will be a fantastic showdown. It will come down to which pitcher makes the first bad pitch. As a side note to start a debate of who might win, Stroman is 1-2 in 4 starts against the Orioles in 2016.

You can almost throw the above record out the window. There will be a packed stadium in Toronto tonight, and the home field advantage might give the Blue Jays an advantage. Who knows? No one, that’s why we love the baseball post season. You can read batting statistics until you go blind, or need to wear a non prescription pair of glasses, like yours truly. Moving on, the pitching is solid with both teams. The line ups have not been posted as of 7am this morning. Given that baseball is like an unofficial hobby, I have a pretty good idea of what the line up cards for both teams will be. No guarantees, though. There might be some injuries or sicknesses that haven’t been made known yet.

Regardless of the starting lineups for both teams, a key hit, sacrifice, or stolen base might decide the game. The lineups should be posted this afternoon around 1:00pm. Some of us might obsessively look at each line up, and break it down to who has a better chance of winning this game tonight. That might sound like no fun to some, or it might be what someone, somewhere in South Carolina has been waiting for since March. Enjoy the game tonight. It will be fun! 


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