The Cubs offense from their pitchers lead the way last night in Chicago, and the Giants drop to 0-2 in the best of 5 games series.

If ever there was an argument for if a Designated Hitter, DH, makes baseball more fun to watch,the Cubs and their pitching staff did not get the memo. Last night’s game in Chicago was the offensive explosion we as fans were hoping for. It is very entertaining to watch 2 pitchers battle it out on the mound like in Friday night’s game in Chicago. However seeing more than 1 run being scored is much more entertaining.

Some may argue that having a DH allows more runs to be scored and therefore makes baseball less “boring” to watch. The rules of baseball state that 9 players will play for a baseball team. When you have a DH thrown in, then it is 10 players for each team. I think you might see where this is going. Is the National League overall better since they do not have a DH? Since the American League has the DH, then the AL should win the World Series every year right? Yeah, not so much. 

Shifting gears from which is better no DH or not, last night’s game was an absolute blast. After spending an entire Saturday watching College football and the excitement that sports brings, waiting for baseball to start may seem ironic. The excitement of College football or baseball? Baseball is “boring” while football is “exciting” right? It depends on your perspective. The volume was turned down to practically mute last night, however the sounds of a baseball crowd cheering overwhelmed the room. 

In the playoffs if you hope to win a game and score a lot of runs, it is wise to score the runs early. Starting pitchers in the playoffs are often at the top of their game. They usually do not surrender many runs, so if your baseball team has a chance to score early, it is best to score as often and as many runs as possible. The Cubs knew this. The Giants often battle back and rally late in games. Last night the Giants only managed to score 2 runs. Gregor Blanco was 1-1 with an RBI and Brandon Belt was 1-3 with an RBI as well.

Then the Cubs went to work against Jeff Samardzija, the pitcher for the Giants. Ben Zobrist went 1-4 with an RBI. Kris Bryant was 1-4 with an RBI. Then the pitchers for the Cubs decided they would let their arms and bats do the talking. Kyle Hendricks was 1-1 at the plate and has 2 RBIs. Not to be outdone, Travis Wood had a home run and picked up the win for the Cubs. Watching Wood come out to make his waves to the Cubs fans was about as exciting of a moment you will see if baseball. If you are not getting goosebumps and a great vibe from the fans in Chicago, then turn your volumes up. If energy had a picture, it could be describe in a picture at Wrigley field last night.

The next game of the series will be in San Fransisco. The energy level at that ballpark can be just as electric and exciting. This is why baseball is not only exciting in October, but very exciting. It does not matter which baseball field is hosting a playoff game. Chicago, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, or Atlanta has offered so of the best memories of my life. Boston, New York, and Philadelphia have as well. That is why when people describe baseball as boring, I want to ask  which game are you watching? 


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