The Giants are not bowing down to the Cubs in San Fransisco.

Last night’s final game of an all day watching event by your’s truly was the perfect end of a very long day. If you were to watch as much baseball or read as many opinions by magazine and sport’s writers, your mind might be doing dances all night. If you only get your sports information by reading the headlines or a catchy on sentence review, why even bother watching any sporting event? You truly miss all the heart pounding excitement and the moments that may take your breathe away. Reading the headline of this article, you may assume that last night’s game in San Fransisco was a quick victory easily won by the Giants. 

Last night’s game was truly monumental. A back and forth battle between 2 baseball teams whose desire to win can not be compared to a simple flip of a coin. This was not just a 50/50 chance game and if you bet on the Chicago Cubs to never lose in the postseason, I’m sorry you lost your money. The Cubs were winning the game late in the 8th inning 5-2. Surely their closers would seal the deal right? Well if you don’t add human characteristics like desire and passion into your numbers crunch, maybe baseball is no the sport you should follow numbers guy. Watching and reading about game lines and which team is favored by how many points may appeal to some people. It certainly did to Pete Rose. Wait, is that comment inappropriate?

The  Cubs bats were very active last night. Kris Bryant was 3-5 with a 2 run home run. Pitchers usually do not hit home runs off of Madison Bumgarner, he usually doesn’t allow home runs to anyone in the playoffs. Perhaps the fact he was pitching against a fellow pitcher Bryant, he might of had an error in judgement that a high fast ball would work. Bryant certainly thought it would work, it was going to help his offensive numbers and his RBI totals with 2. Jake Arrieta later in the game also knocked a 3 run homer. The Cubs have relied on their power hitting and shut down bull pens that helped their team win an incredible 103 regular season game. That’s very impressive, but so it the Giants 10 game winning streak in elimination games.

The Giants play small ball. For anyone unfamiliar with that term it basically means they do not solely rely on home runs and power to win games. Brian Belt was 1-4 with an RBI. Buster Posey was 3-5 with an RBI, very impressive. Conor Gillaspie was 1-6 with 2RBIs that tied the game 5-5. Extra innings were intense. In the bottom of the 13th inning Joe Panik had a double that drove in the winning run. Panik had batted 3-4 before his game winning hit. 

Tonight’s game is another elimination game for the Cubs. It is a for the Giants. That 10 game winning streak in elimation games may come to an end tonight, or it could pad the numbers to a already impressive winning streak. This is another night cap game with the first pitch scheduled at 8:08pm in San Fransisco. This will be another great night of baseball in the National League. Enjoy the games y’all. My television will be loud and maybe I will too.  


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