Enjoy the travel day Giants and Nats. 

After watching yesterday’s day game in San Fransisco we experience many emotions. Excitement comes to mind as the the Giants finally won the game in the bottom of the 9th inning. Heartache was witnessing Clayton Kershaw pitch a masterpiece of a game, then not being a factor in the win column. Ironic watching the reigning National League’s Most Valueable Player, Bryce Harper, not getting a base hit in his final 2 at bats when the Washington Nationals needed him.

It was a great experience watching the Nationals rally back from 5-2 deficit in the 7th inning, as they pulled even 5-5. Considering that there were a record breaking 12 batters hit, it makes you wonder if pitchers breaking pitches we not breaking when they were supposed to. After witnessing every inning, there was no animosity between the 2 teams. All teams are rivals in November. There were no blazing fastballs thrown at batters intentionally. After watching baseball for years and years, it’s not very difficult to see when pitchers are targeting certain players. This was not the case in this series.

The Nationals got huge hits and base running was key. The hit batter, Jason Werth, in the 7th inning would eventually score. It makes very little sense to put a runner on base in the playoffs. After Clayton Kershaw walked Bryce Harper to load the bases he pulled from the game. The Nationals got the hit they were looking for from  Daniel Murphy. It was slightly surprising the game was tied this late in the game. Both teams were 1home run away from possibly slamming the door shut. Dusty Baker could lead his team to a showdown with the Chicago Cubs. This matchup is still very possible, but we as fans need to wait one more day.

The Los Angeles Dodgers got their big hit from a veteran of baseball, Chase Utley. With 2 runners on base in the bottom of the ninth, Utley got a pitch he could drive into right field. Again this was the Dodgers playing small ball at its best. Maybe it would have been more fun to end the game with a home run, ask Kirk Gibson, but timely hitting was just as exciting. Once the Dodgers closer took the mound, the Nationals hopes slipped away. Bryce Harper grounded out to first base and the Nationals now get to play the deciding game in Washington. Baker had better use every single pitcher and player available if he wants to play in Chicago. Whoever wins in Washington and gets the chance to play the Chicago Cubs, they would have definitely earned it. Enjoy the game tomorrow in Washington and may the best team win.


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