My BOLD prediction  for tonight’s in Washington.

This is a first as a writer for me. I have never made a prediction since I started writing for SportNews Magazine. I have have heavily suggested the outcomes or who may be hired as a manger. Keeping opinions to myself is geniuenly how I prefer things. I do not discuss politics or my private life is kept mostly under wraps. The San Francisco Giants had better back their bags for Chicago.

The Washington Nationals are a very good team. They won the National League East and one of their start players is the reigning National League Most Valueable for 2015, Bryce Harper. They have a great starting pitching staff even without their ace starter Stephen Strasburg. Max Scherzer should and probably will get the call to pitch in tonight’s game in Washington tonight at 8:00 pm on Fox. It will be exciting and pitching will decide the game, odviously. My advice to Dusty Baker, the manager of the Nationals is do not rely on your instincts or your feelings on who should play for how long. You pitched Strasburg to the Disabled List and Bryce Harper should have not been in as many games in 2016. 

The Los Angeles Dodgers win the National League West for a reason. They held off the streaking San Francisco Giants, who know are watching tonight’s game instead of playing in it. Dave Roberts as the manger of the Dodgers is a person who the Dodgers feel comfortable approaching him and making suggestions. Don Mattling, not so much. Maybe that’s why Mattling is in Miami now with the Marlins. Having these old school managers who rely on their numbers and think they know what is best, are slowly not the managers who last long now in MLB. Older managers who rarely listen to others and would rather chew on toothpicks, and adjust their hats as they stroke their slowly balding heads are almost characters on a cartoon show. Old school managers have impressive resumes and will appeal to owners and a certain fan base. 

Clayton Kershaw is worth every single penny of his massive contract with the Dodgers. He is clearly one of the top 5 pitchers in baseball including closers. He might get available in tonight’s game even if he doesn’t get the starting pitcher role. Rich Hill gets the nod. The Nationals hit the ball well against Hill in game 2 in Washington. Imagine for a moment if Hill pitched 4 scores innings with an occasional single to walk, then Kershaw comes in to pitch 4 shut down innings before the Dodgers closers shut down the Nationals in the 9th inning. Maybe this is a far stretch and it might not happen, but if I were a betting man, I see the above scenario in my head. I also incision Baker staying with Scherzer for to Omline and not using the National’s bullpen because Baker has a history of keeping players in games for far too long. If you think I’m just a hater and ragging on Baker too much, ask the list of players he ran into the ground. Stephen Strasburg, Bryce Harper, and Barry Bonds immediately come to mind. 

Regardless of who I think will win, this will be a very good game tonight. My advice to any baseball fan  is do not stop watching until the final pitch is thrown in the bottom of the 9th inning. If I am wrong, trust me it wouldn’t be the first time. Working in banking for over 10 years seemed like a good idea. Dating in my 30s seemed like a great idea too. Looking back, many mistakes were made in my life. Agreeing with my prediction might not sit well with some people, if you have a legitimate argument, please tell me. Back up your arguments with facts. Good talks and discussions about baseball are lots of fun. All I ask is do not take things personally, remember old men like myself enjoy a good arguement. 


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