And 4 and 1/2 hours later, the Dodgers win.

The biggest argument most people have about not enjoying a baseball game is, baseball is boring. What? Last night doing a double take on my Mickey Mouse watch to see if it was really 12:30am or if I missed Day Light Savings time. Fall back, that’s the rhyme. Wait, that isn’t until early November. Plus  talking to my girlfriend always makes time fly by. Did I just witness what was possibly the best playoff game of 2016 season? Yes I did.

Last night’s game in Washington offered all the excitement only a MLB playoff game can bring. Sure on another channel there was a more “popular” sport being played in California. San Diego to be more specific. After needing something else to watch between innings and pitching changes, I had to settle for NFL Thursday Night football. Talk about boring. At what point was there excitement in that game? Unless you are a die hard Broncos or Charges fan, that game should be prescribed to people who want a natural way to fall asleep.

The Washington Nationals got the lead early in the game. It was in the 2nd inning. Max Scherzer was electric last night. He had the Los Angeles Dodgers line up figured out. Scherzer was sending batter after batter back to their respective dugout after making some of the batters look foolish. The game raised my eyebrows in the top of the 5th when Scherzer pitched 23 pitches to finally register an walk to Turner. Svherzer’s pitch count kept getting higher. After that inning I was under the impression Dusty Baker was going to use his bullpen. Baker did not. He kept Scherzer on the mound until the 7th inning after Scherzer finally allowed a home run. Max Scherzer pitch count was 99 pitches. How can a manager let his pitcher continue to pitch? Ironically yesterday’s article came true. It’s impossible for some managers to evolve.

The Dodgers amazing comeback was like reading a book you can’t wait to finish. You know the story was epic and that the author knew how to write a mesmerizing story. Being an avid reader myself, these books just grab a hold of your heart and won’t let go. When watching this game last night, it was an artist painting a masterpiece. I wonder if when Picasso was painting if he knew what an amazing artist he was? Probably not, most artists and althletes are very humble and don’t even recognize their own abilities as anything more than routine. Dave Roberts, the manager of the Dodgers worked his magic last night. Former MLB players go on to great careers as coaches. Not every single former player has a great coaching career but there are a few that do. Roberts can add his name to the good list. Watching Clayton Kershaw come into the game as a closer was big. Not at all shocking. When Roberts before the game said Kershaw would absolutely not be available, I rolled my eyes. Sure Roberts your acting is not very good, stick with managing the Dodgers. 

The Natonal League Championship series is Saturday in Chicago. This will be an great series. The Cubs are chasing history and all of their players know the roles they will play. Baseball is a team sports. All 9 players know their roles or 10 players if we are talking about the American League. Make sure and enjoy baseball this weekend, especially tonight’s game with the Toronto Blue Jays and the Cleveland Indians. Watching filler games in College football is always fun. Watching my favorite NFL team, the 49ers starting Colin Kaepernick Sunday in Buffalo might be fun, but if you are wanting pure excitement, find the MLB play off games, that’s my advice anyway. 


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