Not so fast fate!

When it comes to baseball, all the numbers and stats are just random figures no one has ever figured out. One of the many things we as fans love about baseball is any team can win any game. Records and winning streak are nice numbers to follow but eventually all records are meant to be broken. Just in case you have already designed a 2016 CUBS FINALLY END THE BILLY GOAT CURSE shirts, hold that idea.

In case you were one of the many sports fans watching NFL television or keeping track of fantasy numbers, you might of missed a great pitcher throw a fantastic game in Chicago, Clayton Kershaw. It was safe to say that being a San Francisco 49ers fan, this 2016 season might be a rebuilding year. Oh well, at least there is still plenty of baseball to play. It seems like a lot of the for sure bets aren’t quite living up to expectations. Texas Rangers, Boston Red Soxs, and the Washington Nationals all highly favored teams to win the World Series trophy in 2016 are watching the games instead of playing in them.

Watching baseball has turned a hobby into a passion. Witnessing history was an item to be marked off my bucket list in 2016. The Chicago Cubs finally winning the National League Pendant and possibly the World Series would be classic. Last night the Los Angeles Dodgers threw a wrench into the Cubs gears of Theo Eptsein’s master plan as General Manager to end all curses in baseball. Yes one loss at home in Chicago is not tragic, a bit surprising but definitely nor hair raising. Now both teams are headed to L.A. for some great baseball starting Tuesday night. Enjoy Monday Night Football tonight, and I think there might be a great baseball game in the American League in Toronoto. The NL Pendant series will be legendary this year. The Chicago Cubs did have the best record in baseball in 2016, but the last pitch hasn’t been thrown yet to decide if the L.A. Dodgers or the Chicago Cubs will represent the NL in the World Series. Night times in California are wonderful, beautiful weather and the sunsets putting America to sleep. Good luck Cubs and Dodgers, this will be fun! 


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