Rich shuts down Cubs in L.A.  

Last night’s game was pretty much over for me in the 2nd inning. The ChicGo Cubs had runners at 2nd and 3rd base with only one out, and Rich Hill pitched his way out of the jam. This great Cubs offense just isn’t showing up against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Joe Maddon, the Cubs manager does not have an answer for dominating pitching. 

Coming in to the playoffs, one of the great story lines was that the Chicago Cubs could finally win a pennant and possibly a World Series title after 108 drought. After watching the game last night, a thought came to mind. The Cubs are a good team, the best team record wise in the National League. However despite the Cubs record, 103 wins during a season, they are the best team in a very weak National League division. 

The Washington Nationals were another good team with impressive numbers running away with the NL East title. The Cubs also had very little trouble winning the NL Central division. Both the Nationals and Cubs were on cruise control for the last few weeks on the 2016 season. Many thought these 2 teams were headed for a NL Championship clash that would be fun to watch, and drive in ratings and sponsors for MLB that suffered a 1.1% drop in ratings. One of the problems both teams are having is hitting against great pitching. Emotional big wins for both the Nationals and Cubs seemed to solidify what the fans and a great team of media was saying. These are the best teams in the National League, get your catchy shirts and hats ready. This would be the huge thing that MLB wanted and needed. Then the Dodgers said, we are pretty good team too, and the pitching to back it up.

The series is in no way over at all for the Cubs. Being down 2-1 is not a huge hole that can not be dug out of. After looking at last night’s numbers and statistics for the Cubs, there is not a lot to be excited over. Rich Hill of the Dodgers allowed only 2 hits to the Cubs in 6 shoutout innings. Base stealing and walks may have given the Cubs fans a false sense of hope. Watching every pitch of this series without basis of who wins, has been easy for me. I do not care who wins this series. It would be nice to see the Cubs win the pennant. It would also be nice to watch the return of great shut down pitching that is rare in baseball. Batters are stronger and making contact with the bats often leads to rallies and long home runs which are exciting to watch. So is watching Clayton Kershaw and Rich Hill shut down the Cubs offense. Game number 4 is tonight in Los Angeles at 8:00pm est. The Cubs will send John Lackey to the mound to face Julio Urias of the Dodgers. Urias will be the youngest pitcher in MLB history at 20 years old to pitch a game and possibly win. The Cubs fans had better hope John Lackey can send the series back to Chicago. The bad news for Cubs fans is that Clayton Kershaw would pitch on 5 days rest and Kershaw has already shown the Cubs how great he can pitch in Chicago. Good luck to both teams. 


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